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Welcome to the new version of the web site about the football programmes collecting. The reason that we have created the new version of our web site, it's the new ideas and new topics. We don't collect any more any kind of the football pin badges, because we considered to stop collect them as it takes too many spare time and money.

Now we are collecting THE FOOTBALL MATCH DAY PROGRAMMES only, so we would like to sale our pin badge collection that we have been collected for many years.

This version is pretty easy to use than the previous one, during it's existing, we have been received many of the complains from the many collectors that are around the world.

Now this version is looks like much more attractive and professionally designed one. Every programme of our collection will be published on this web site as the front cover picture.

Most of the pages of the newest version are under construction, but we keep doing them and ones anyone ready it will be published to the Internet, so we recommend to everybody to visit our web site regularly. And we hope to have many new collectors and programmes.

In case if you have any problem with any part of design, you just e-mail us and then we promised that it will be fixed much more faster than in the previous version of our web site.

Also we would like to inform you that if you need our SEARCH LIST please follow the link of COLLECTION that is above.


The compliment and the criticism are welcomed.

Serguei Tretiakov "Chelentagno"

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