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At this part I want to tell to everybody little thinks about myself. I am 40 years old. Russian. I was burn in Moscow. Before the emigration in Canada I used to live seven years in Israel. The emigration in Israel was not been by any part of jewish nationality reason. It was just the accident case that has really different story.

I am a collector since year 1982. This story began in summer that year. When I was been purposed my dad to take myself from the long way out city villa to the football game between CSKA and "Dynamo" (Tbilisi) (2:3) to Moscow's stadium of "Dynamo" at July 31, 1982. And since that time when I was bought the game program the interest was burn in myself.

After that I was been tried to get as much as possible to the CSKA Moscow football games. The years after I have had more and more friends behalf the supporters and fans of the different teams of Moscow. And as they could recognize, that Italy is my favorite music country that I like. That's way I got a nickname as the last name of the very famous italian singer and movie maker Adriano Celentano.

Since that I got the nickname, I was been called everywhere not as Serguei, because I was been called "Celentano". Later when I was been very known at all stadiums in Moscow, I used to be known and called as Celentano everywhere around all stadiums. And not just from the supporters, because after that I was been worked in CSKA Moscow Junior Supporters Club, and therefore I'm personally know all the players of CSKA Moscow as football as well as of ice hockey team in that time. And they are called me the same.
From that time I cannot stay in my live without my hobby.

The football game programmes it's my first interest of my hobby.

Currently I have many programmes in my collection of CSKA Moscow since year 1947. I also collect the International participation game programmes within USSR and Russia that are right after the Second World War period.

At the year of 1991 and right to the present time, I used to collect the football pins. I was been done the serious collection of football, Olympic, Basketball and the Ice Hockey official pins. However, now I was been understood the I am not ready to take care about the serious topic, because I know no much about it, and it takes more and more time to spend to.

So, if you have an interest to exchange with my football programmes, please do not hesitate to contact my.


Good luck and I am waiting for new friends.


Serguei Tretiakov "Celentano"

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